Top Tips for Finding Legitimate Data Entry Jobs from Home

Remote work has been on the rise for a while, but the pandemic has caused a surge in demand for work-from-home jobs, including data entry. Working from home offers many advantages, such as saving time and money on commuting, having a more flexible schedule, and having a better work-life balance. Data entry is a popular type of work that can be done from home, and it involves inputting information into spreadsheets or databases, transcribing, or copy typing. However, finding legitimate data entry jobs from home can be challenging, and there are some risks involved, such as the potential for scams or fraud and the need for a reliable internet connection. In this article, we will explore what legitimate data entry jobs from home are, how to find them, the skills needed for the job, as well as the advantages and risks involved.

What are legitimate data entry jobs from home?

  • Data entry jobs involve inputting information into spreadsheets or databases, transcribing, or copy typing.
  • Legitimate jobs offer a legal and safe opportunity to work from home for reputable companies or clients.
  • Some examples of data entry jobs that can be done from home:
    • Typing up handwritten notes or documents
    • Entering medical billing codes onto databases
    • Transcribing audio or video files into text
    • Inputting customer information into a company’s database
  • Generally, data entry work can be either part-time or full-time, and some jobs may be seasonal or project-based.

What skills are needed for legitimate data entry jobs from home?

Basic computer skills, typing proficiency, accuracy and attention to detail, time management skills, and organizational skills are needed for legitimate data entry jobs from home.

How to find legitimate data entry jobs from home?

  • Use reputable job boards or websites:
  • Avoid job listings that sound too good to be true; they probably are.
  • Look for companies that offer:
    • Regular pay schedules
    • Clear job descriptions
    • Employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off
  • Make sure to:
    • Do research on the company or client offering the job
    • Check the legitimacy of websites requesting personal information and rejecting websites that ask for sensitive information like your Social Security number.

Below is a table of the top five websites where you are likely to find trustworthy data entry jobs:

Job Board/Website Pros Cons
Indeed Easy to use, many job listings, can upload resumes and cover letters Popular site means competition for jobs, some job listsings may not be legitimate
Glassdoor Read reviews by employees about companies, can search for remote jobs easily May take more time to find legitimate data entry jobs
FlexJobs Dedicated to remote and flexible jobs, pre-screens job postings Requires a paid subscription, fewer job listings than some other sites
Upwork Easy to find freelance data entry work, opportunities for long-term gigs with clients Can be difficult to find long-term work, platform takes a percentage of payment as fee
Zirtual Virtual assistant role, can work on various types of tasks including data entry Difficult to pass the application process, may require a more involved time commitment than other data entry gigs

What should you look for in a company offering legitimate data entry jobs from home?

You should look for a company that has a good reputation, offers competitive rates, provides clear instructions, and requires a reasonable amount of work.

What skills are needed for Legitimate Data Entry Jobs Home?

  • Excellent typing speed and accuracy
  • Computer literacy, including proficiency in Word and Excel
  • Attention to detail
  • Good time management to meet deadlines
  • Possessing some of the following skills can give you an edge:
    • Ability to understand, analyze and interpret statistical information
    • Good knowledge of office equipment like scanners and printers
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to work with colleagues and clients
    • Familiarity with software like OCR, Adobe Suite, and cloud storage systems

There are many websites and resources available to help hone data entry skills and improve your chances of landing a job:

  • A site with comprehensive typing tutorials, games, and tests that helps you to improve your typing speed and accuracy
  • Excel Easy: A user-friendly site that provides many tutorials and interactive resources to improve your skills in Excel
  • GCFLearnFree: A site that provides free lessons and practice exercises on a broad range of computer skills, including data entry

What are some skills that can give an edge in legitimate data entry jobs from home?

Some skills that can give an edge in legitimate data entry jobs from home include proficiency in typing, attention to detail, accuracy, and knowledge of data management software.

Advantages of Legitimate Data Entry Jobs Home

  • The flexibility of working hours
  • Ability to work from home
  • The opportunity to work for different companies and clients
  • Independence in the workplace
  • Good remuneration potential
  • Potential to work in specialized industries like healthcare, legal and financial services
  • Other advantages can include:
    • Saving time and money on travel
    • Reducing carbon footprint by not commuting
    • The chance to learn new skills and work in different industries

There are also many legitimate data entry job sites available online that provide employees with flexible and well-paying work, such as:

  • FlexJobs: This site provides various remote job listings and often posts data entry jobs. They charge a subscription fee for advanced job search options.
  • Upwork: This site provides data entry jobs to freelancers, and you can apply for them by creating an account and bidding on different data entry jobs posted by different clients.
  • Fiverr: A freelance gig site that offers online data entry jobs with flexible pay. You can showcase your skills and charge for services based on the level of proficiency.

What are some legitimate data entry job sites that offer flexible and well-paying work?

Some legitimate data entry job sites that offer flexible and well-paying work include FlexJobs, Upwork, Freelancer, Clickworker, and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Risks to Watch Out for With Legitimate Data Entry Jobs Home

  • Beware of scams that ask for payments for getting the job, as they are likely to be fraudulent
  • Be mindful of website pop-ups that pose a risk to your computer systems
  • Safeguard your personal information to avoid identity theft or fraud
  • Get security tools like anti-virus software, firewall and other protection tools
  • Check websites and reviews to ensure their legitimacy before sharing your personal details or paying any money
  • Incomplete job description or payment details
  • No access to company HR or Legal support

It’s important to do comprehensive research and background checks before accepting any data entry work-from-home jobs. Here are some warning signs to consider:

  • Requests for upfront payment before being offered any work
  • Offers of unusually high remuneration for simple tasks that would not ordinarily require that payment scale
  • Websites that lack substantive content or have incomplete information
  • The nature of company or job experience is hard to discern

What are the warning signs to look out for when searching for legitimate data entry work-from-home jobs?

Some warning signs to look out for when searching for legitimate data entry work-from-home jobs include requests for upfront payment, promises of unrealistic earnings, lack of company information, and a non-professional website or email address.


In conclusion, working in legitimate data entry jobs from home can be an excellent way to earn a decent income while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of remote work. However, it’s crucial to be cautious and diligent in researching potential employers or clients and ensuring any offers are legitimate before accepting them. Keeping communication channels open while working remotely can also help ensure a safe and productive work experience. With the proper skills, tools and resources, anyone can explore work from home opportunities and enter the world of data entry jobs. As the world economy adapts and embraces remote work policies, more people are discovering the benefits of home-based work. With awareness, caution, and attention to detail, one can uncover legitimate opportunities and enjoy the benefits of working from home. Data entry from home is a new reality that can offer a decent income and comfortable work arrangements to anyone with these skills, and the right mindset and determination to make a success of it.

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